Google Searches: Can Depression…?

‘Google’ is so often our first port of call when we have a question or want to find out about something – we ‘Google’ our query – and that includes health-related matters too. Sometimes though, the information we stumble upon can be incorrect and inaccurate or simply not answer the question we have. We’ve answered 9 popular Google searches for ‘Can depression …?’ to see if we can provide some clarity on these top Google queries.

Google Searches: Can Depression...?

Can depression be cured?

Depression can be treated, and those with depression can go into remission, but at the moment there is no ‘cure’ for depression. Remission looks different for everyone. For some of us, it might mean not having any symptoms at all. Others of us might view remission as times when our symptoms are more manageable. At least 50% of people who experience an episode of depression are likely to experience at least one more episode at some point in their life. However, we can learn the sorts of things that help us and can learn to spot signs that it might be returning. These things can help us to manage it more effectively.

Can depression cause pain?

It can; as well as the painful mental anguish and suffering that comes with depression, there are usually physical symptoms too.

Can depression kill you?

Depression can range from mild, to moderate to severe. It can cause us to experience suicidal thoughts and feelings, and statistically, up to 15% of those who have clinical depression die by suicide. With help and support, suicide is preventable. There are lots of different treatment options for depression, as well as different ways of coping with a crisis. The dark and scary thoughts and urges we experience are a symptom of our illness; they’re not, in any way, a representation of your character, your worthiness or because you are weak. If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, please do speak to someone about them. And, if you’re friends with someone who is going through a tough time, please, please reach-in and help.

Can depression go away?

Once we’ve experienced an episode of depression, we can go into remission. In that sense, depression can go away. Some people will experience one episode of depression and never have another episode ever again. For others, it might be something that comes and goes for the rest of our lives.

Can depression cause back pain?

Unexplained aches and pains are a common symptom of depression. It’s currently unclear whether depression directly causes back pain, or if there is just a link between the two. There are some ideas about how depression could cause back pain. This includes the idea that physical exercise and restful sleep can both help to alleviate back pain but that those of us with depression have depleted energy resources making exercise difficult, and disrupted sleep is a symptom of depression.  Another link is that the same disruptions to neural transmitters that affect mood can also lower our pain threshold.

Can depression make you feel ill?

Yes, depression can make us feel mentally and physically unwell. It can cause all sorts of physical symptoms. This includes things like heart palpitations, digestive problems, and our appetite changing. All of these things can make us feel very poorly.

Can depression cause tiredness?

Tiredness is really common when we’re living with depression. Depression can disrupt our sleep, so even if we get to bed on time, we might struggle to get to sleep or wake up a lot during the night. Coping with negative and anxious thoughts can be exhausting, so the little energy we do have might be used on managing the things we’re thinking and feeling. Depression also zaps away at our motivation. Sometimes too, the low energy and headspace can mean that everything surrounding food becomes overwhelming so we might not reach for foods which might boost our mood and energy.

Google Searches: Can Depression...?

Can depression make you ill?

Depression is an illness in its own right, so in that sense, yes it can make us ill. There are also a number of physical symptoms which often accompany depression. One of these symptoms is that it can lower our immune system. This means that we can be more prone to picking up bugs than other people. There are also links between depression and some other illnesses, including cancer and heart disease.

Can depression cause weight gain?

Our appetite is often affected when we’re living with depression. It can either cause us to feel like we never have any appetite, we might eat for comfort, or we may find that our appetite has increased. Additionally, planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up can all feel like insurmountable tasks when we’re feeling really low. This means that we often reach for quick or easy foods. Some of these foods may contain higher levels of fat and sugar than other foods, which can cause us to gain weight. Additionally, some mental health medications can cause weight gain. If that’s something we’re concerned about, it’s always worth speaking to our prescriber or chemist about it.

It’s really common to have questions about any new diagnosis that we receive, and depression is no different. If we’re worried about any symptoms we have, it’s always worth speaking to our GP, or another health professional about it.

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