Our ‘As Snug As A Bug’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Oh how we wish we could hibernate sometimes! Especially when the wind starts blowing, and the rain comes down. How nice it would be to curl up somewhere warm, and wait out the winter.

While we may not be able to retreat entirely, November’s BuddyBox is designed to help us to make the most of the time we do have. It’s all about resting and recuperating, so that we’re ready to face the next day. It’s stuffed with lovely treats that help us get as snug as a bug.

Our 'As Snug As A Bug' BuddyBox - The Reaction

Hunkering down isn’t as easy at it sounds; we often feel guilty when we adopt a slower pace. ‘Be More Cat’ is a book full of cat-themed mindfulness to remind us that it really is okay to embrace being as snug as a bug. We’ve also included a Rosie Johnson cheerleader who totally has your best interests at heart, and will hopefully help to slay any negative thoughts. With the colder weather, comes dry skin too; the Folklore Lip Balm is included to keep our lips nourished and hydrated, whilst The Make Arcade Cup Cosy Kit will keep our hands and our drinks warm, and give us something to do as we’re snuggling. In the spirit of keeping warm and relaxed, we’ve included a Wild Olive Bath Tea Bag which can also be used in a foot bath.

You can see what some of our Blurt fam thought of this relaxing hug-in-a-box below. If you want to grab a box for yourself – or a loved one – you can head over to our shop.

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@theblurtfoundation my little pupper Rufus almost as excited about my buddy box as me #buddybox #selfcare #mind #cockapoo

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Just received my Buddy Box from @theblurtfoundation this morning and loving it as always. This month I received: The book Be More Cat by Alison Davies. It’s all about using cat traits to bring into mindfulness. This is really good for me as I’ve started a certified mindfulness course at work through the teachers union. Folklore lip balm in strawberry that has a really nice design and shaped like a lipstick. Cup cosy craft kit from @themakearcade which I’ll do today so I have it for work on Monday. I really like these pieces as you can sit and do them in an hour or so. Rosie Johnson Be Your Own Cheerleader cut out to sit in my desk at work as a to do list for myself. Wild Olive Bath Tea Bag with lime, Himalayan cedar wood and green tea which smells amazing and I’ll have that tomorrow night so I’m chilled for Sunday evening before work. Zine this month feature cat beans! And focusing on slowing down and cosying up with hygge as the autumn and winter comes, reflecting on how animals are getting ready for the winter, so we should too! #blurtbuddybox #subscription #mentalhealth #mindfulness #hygge #lipbalm #strawberry #teabag #lime #cedarwood #greentea #cat #catbeans #book #felt #craft #easycraft

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