Our Book: ‘365 Days Of Self-Care: A Journal’ Has Arrived!

We can hardly believe it, but it’s publication day for our second book; 365 Days Of Self-Care: A Journal!

The disruptive nature of life means that, sometimes, our best-laid plans get waylaid. When there’s a toss-up between self-care activities and heeding the needs and requests of others, it’s quite likely that self-care will lose out. Which means we lose out on fulfilling our wants, our needs, our dreams, and on looking after our health.

Our Book: ‘365 Days Of Self-Care: A Journal’ Has Arrived!

Although 365 Days of Self-Care: A Journal is our second (nope, we can’t believe it, either!) book, we actually came up with the idea of creating a self-care journal before we ever thought of writing the ‘Self-Care Project. We ended up writing The Self-Care Project first and we’re pleased we did; doing so cemented our thoughts surrounding self-care being a recovery tool, a preventative measure, and a tool for growth. All this time though, we’ve been nurturing the idea for our self-care journal, and it’s with a humongous mix of excitement, nerves, hopes and fears that we’re finally sending it out into the world.

There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by when we haven’t received a kind letter, card, email, or social media message about our first book – we are crossing all of our fingers and toes that 365 Days of Self-Care: A Journal, is just as helpful, encouraging and empowering.


It all started a couple of years ago with the hashtag, #365daysofselfcare, and it’s been wonderful to see how varied your acts of self-care are, how much of a difference they make, and also to be around to champion you when times have gotten grotty. We’ll continue to follow the hashtag and hope that our new book becomes a valuable part of your toolkit for changing, adopting and cementing daily self-care habits.

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Where You Can Find It

You can find it over on Amazon, in Waterstones or as part of our ‘Self-Care Through The Grotty Times’ BuddyBox.

A Gargantuan Heartfelt Thanks

We could say ‘thank you’ every single second of the day and it still wouldn’t be enough. Without your help, we couldn’t do what we do; your encouragement, kindness and passion spur us on and make us think that anything is possible. We’ve some amazing projects lined up, because of you.

Thank you, a hundred squadillion million times over.

The Blurt Team <3