Our ‘One Step At A Time’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Life isn’t half a hustle and bustle. We’re more connected than ever before, and yet, so disconnected too. The peer pressure we felt as teens never really went away and we get so swept up in it all, that we feel as though life drags us along. We don’t feel as though we’re in the driving seat at all.

March’s BuddyBox is packed full of comforting, calming and boundary-boosting treats, this ‘hug in box’ helps us to find the pace that’s right for us, encourages those precious moments of pause, and has us delving into self-compassion.

Our 'One Step At A Time' BuddyBox - The Reaction

Setting our own pace and taking things one step at a time takes confidence, confidence that we don’t always have; in who we are or the decision we make. We’ve included the Mapology Guide, to help break down the things we want to do, into the smallest of steps. And all of those steps, physical and metaphorical, can be exhausting, which is why we’ve included some bath salts which can also be used in a foot bath. The patch and comfort box serve as reminders that life isn’t a race and you’re doing brilliantly. Lastly, the book is full to the brim of encouragement and pom-pom-shaking; you are enough as you are, right now.

You can see what some of our Blurteroos thought of this nurturing care package below. If you want to grab a box for yourself – or a loved one – you can head over to our shop.

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