Our ‘And Breathe…’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

As if the festive fuss wasn’t enough to contend with, the ‘New Year, New You’ brigade are in full swing and we’re rebelling. Oh yes, we are. Rather than play into the hands of the ‘we’re not enough, we’re not doing enough’ tirade of thoughts that play havoc with us already, we’re initiating full-on nurture mode and going with the flow.

January’s BuddyBox is designed to gently ease us into 2018. Packed full reassuring, soothing, and hibernating-friendly treats, this ‘hug in box’ encourages us to revel in the slower pace of Winter, for a little longer.

Our 'And Breathe...' BuddyBox - The Reaction

The tea and candle have been included to promote calm and sleep, because sleep might be restorative, but it can also be elusive. The restore mist contains 4 essential oils to restore the peace and balance the emotions – after a hectic December, this is exactly what we need. Just in case you need reminding that 2018 is your year of self-care, we’ve included the self-care hare to remind you. The beautiful colouring book will hopefully help to distract, relax and inspire.

You can see what some of our Blurteroos thought of this nurturing care package below.  If you want to grab a box for yourself – or a loved one – you can head over to our shop.

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