We Are So Much More Than Our Depression

When we have depression, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can feel as though we lose ourselves. We lose sight of who we are. We begin to feel as though we are depression and depression is us.

But we aren’t alone in feeling this way. Many people with long-term illnesses feel like they’ve lost some of their identity to their diagnosis.

We Are So Much More Than Our Depression

We Are People

We are friends. We’re family members. We are colleagues. We’re professionals. We are entertainers. We’re creatives. We are people. Yes, we have an illness. But lots of people have all sorts of things going on in their lives. We’re people in our own right, depression or not.

We Have Personalities

We have personalities. Some bits of our personalities we like, some we don’t! But none of us are two dimensional. We all have so many different aspects to our personalities – it’s what makes us, us. Depression is an illness, not a personality trait.

We Are Unique

We are individuals. We’re not ‘person with depression’. We are unique individuals with all sorts of quirks. There is nobody else in the world quite like us. Not any other person with depression, or any other person without depression. We are unique.

We Have Likes And Dislikes

There are things we like, and things we don’t. Depression can sometimes make it feel as though we don’t like anything. It can make the whole world feel colourless, boring, and bland. Time can drag and we don’t enjoy anything. Depression can mask our true likes and dislikes. But even with depression bubbling away – we can still like and dislike things.

We Have Skills And Talents

Everybody has at least one skill. Everyone is talented – it might just take a bit of time to find ‘our thing’. Depression might make us feel worthless and useless, but that’s not the case. Depression doesn’t mitigate any of our achievements.

We Have Hopes And Dreams

We all have a vague idea of some hopes and dreams. Depression can do a really good job at hiding them. It can cause us to feel hopeless. We forget that we once had hope, and we forget that we once had dreams. Our hopes and dreams might change over time – depression might even influence them. But inside all of us is a little hoper and dreamer.

We Are So Much More Than Our Depression

We Have Fears

Just like anyone else, we have things that we are afraid of. Depression might influence our fears, or it might not. But loads of other things will influence our fears, too.

We Can Love

We can love and we can be loved. Depression can make us feel as though we are hard to love. It can make it hard for us to feel love. It can make relationships really tricky. But loads of other things in life can also help and hinder relationships. Depression is not unique in that.

We Are Valuable

We are so valuable. We’re worth more than we know. Depression doesn’t affect our worth. It can make us feel less valuable, but that feeling isn’t a fact. It’s depression lying to us. We’re valuable in so many different ways – depression doesn’t change that.

We Matter

We matter – we really do. yes, we often don’t feel it. Depression will do its absolute best to tell us that we don’t matter. But we do matter. We matter as much as anyone else who does or doesn’t have depression.

We Are More Than Our Depression

We’re so not alone in feeling like depression has completely overwhelmed us. Other people feel the same way. There is help available – we are never alone. We are more than our depression. We’re people with unique personalities. We are people with friends and families. We’re the people you meet on the street. We are people. We are totally, utterly, 100% more than our depression.

Please help us to help others and share this post, you never know who might need it.