Announcing: The Blurt Peer Project

We are *so* excited to share this with you, we’ve been talking about it and planning it for what feels like donkey’s years.

On top of raising awareness and understanding of depression, we also feel incredibly passionate about combining peer support with education. We’ve been working our socks off on what that might look like, how and where we’d deliver it, what our aims and objectives would be, and whether schools would want to work with us in the first place (they do – we receive a great deal of requests from schools for us to visit and deliver programmes with their students).

And so, we’re taking huge pleasure in introducing to you – The Blurt Peer Project.

We need your help to get it up and running – (don’t we always?!)

In order to run a pilot programme, we have applied to the Aviva Fund for funding. Our application has been accepted and is now in your magical hands. We need you to vote for us, and to muster up as many votes as possible from everyone and their dogs; colleagues, employers, teachers, students, friends, family, anyone and everyone that you can think of – email them, nudge them, tag them, Whatsapp them, get their votes for us.

And you can send a tweet: 

Previous Aviva funds have indicated, that to be successful, we need somewhere in the region of 5,000 votes* (each person gets 10 votes – so we need you, and another 499 people to cast their 10 votes for us) to help us reach the finals. Please help. It’s quick, it’s easy,  but it can make a huge difference to the 105,000 young people we aim to reach during the pilot programme. You can cast your (10, please) votes here.

*Update: we just want to squish your cheeks in a friendly-old-aunt-kind-of-way – THANK YOU! Within 24 hours of announcing this yesterday, you smashed our target. Please do keep voting, the more votes we have, the more likely we are to stand out and be successful with this funding bid.

Voting closes on the 21st November, so time is of the essence – eeek!

As always, thank you so much for your support, you have no idea how much of a boost your support gives us, as a team.

The Blurt Team <3

Please help us to help others and share this post, you never know who might need it.