Our ‘Done Adulting’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Being an adult takes all kinds of wizardry; kickass diplomacy skills, some nifty time juggling, brain-aching decision-making, tongue-biting negotiating, icky learning, not-so-comfy-growth, boring life admin, pressure-handling… Sometimes we just need to step out, step off, just for a spell.

Our ‘Done Adulting’ BuddyBox encourages us to step away from all the ‘grown-up’ stuff: to play, and to rest.

Done Adulting BuddyBox Reaction

Inside the box we included a range of feel-good treats. A temporary tattoo to remind  us to practice self-kindness – just as children naturally do.  A marbled hot chocolate stick – because chocolate, and because marbled reminded us of when we played marbles when we were kids. For the times that ‘adulting’ has worn us down, we have some uplift oil to y’know, uplift. It can be hard to switch off from our responsibilities, so we’ve included two things to help us do just that; Nano Blocks, as a nod to our Lego-building-days, and some postcards to colour in and to slow the pace down. We’ll be colouring these in and sending to our friends as a nod to our penfriend days.

You can see what some of our Blurteroos thought of this playful care package below.  If you want to grab a box for yourself – or a loved one – you can head over to our shop.


Someone sent me a #BlurtBuddyBox ! I have no idea who it’s from but thank you very much! It’s awesome!! ?

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