The Self-Care Project

You may have noticed that we could talk about self-care until the cows come home. Mainly because it’s a concept which helps us to be mindful of how we feel, the decisions we make, and the things we do. But also because ‘self-care’ is a term that is bandied about as being a fad and it’s truly not. Not at all. Self-care helps us to manage our health, in a kind and personal way. And that’s a very good thing.

Since we introduced BuddyBox back in June of 2015, we’ve been looking for a book about self-care to include in our care packages. We’ve added some amazing books along the way, but those books tended to focus on a sole aspect of self-care when we were really after a book which encapsulated the whole topic; the how, why, where, what and when. A book we could pick up time and time again whenever we felt the need to reset, a gentle, non-preachy, book which allows for that fact that we’re so so so unique in our needs and wants. And lastly, a book to help us to get to know ourselves better because it includes journal prompts and space to brain-dump any insights which may arise.

We’ve only gone and written that book!

Without further waffling ado, we’re delighted to introduce The Self-Care Project.

*cue butterflies of excitement and a dollop of nerves for good measure*

The Self-Care Project

Fancy a proper description of our book?

Here you go, twinkletoes:

Everything you need to know about self-care; what it is, why it’s important, why it’s such a struggle and how to integrate it into day-to-day life.

There’s a damaging misconception in society that putting ourselves first is an act of selfishness. But self-care is not just a millennial buzzword. Without the restorative power of self-care, how will we ever escape the vicious circle where we’re sick and fed-up of feeling sick and fed-up? Self-care is a tool, accessible to us all, which helps us to take responsibility for our own happiness – our physical, emotional, psychological and social needs. Jayne Hardy, founder and CEO of The Blurt Foundation, argues that it is the best preventative measure available to us to combat overwhelmedness, stress and ill health, in our hectic, modern world.

The Self-Care Project is for those who have been feeling off-kilter for a while but have not been able to put the finger on the ‘why’. It is a no-nonsense, practical journey to help you do just that. It’ll walk you through the case for self-care (why it’s so darn important), why it isn’t selfish at all, help you explore what self-care means for you, what your obstacles might be and provide advice on how to chisel out daily space for self-care in a practical, achievable and realistic way.


We’ve given our friends Sarah Turner, The Unmumsy Mum, and Jeremy Vine, early previews of the book, and they said the most wonderful things about it – hoorah! (and phew!).

“Refreshing, heartfelt and humble. This book will be a game changer in promoting positive mental health.” – Sarah Turner, The Unmumsy Mum

From someone who’s been there and got the T-shirt, these are precious, precious words on how you can emerge from the mental health abyss. So practical and so interesting – it might even be a lifesaver.” – Jeremy Vine

How can you get your hands on our book?

It’s not out yet, the publication date is Thursday 14th December 2017, but it is available to pre-order over on Amazon or as part of our December Regular BuddyBox. That’s right; we’re letting you know that we’re including it in The Self-Care Sanctuary BuddyBox so that you don’t accidentally end up with two.

We’ve been through quite a tough year, here at Blurt, with a re-structure and some re-grouping of our plans to make sure that we’re sustainable and have longevity but most of all, to find a way that we can help as many people as possible. We’ll be announcing what 2018 and beyond will look like for us regarding the services and support we’ll roll out, but we’re excited that you, the staunchest squad on the planet, can now see one of the things we’ve been working on.

Thank you for your magnificent and unwavering support as we find our feet. <3