Depression: Artists Who Illustrate Exactly How We Feel

There are lots of artists out there creating work about mental health issues. With the stroke of a pen and some well-chosen words, they illustrate exactly how we feel.

In this post we share some of our favourites.

Depression Artists Who Illustrate Exactly How We Feel

Beth Evans

Beth creates lots of very relatable drawings. All of her drawings are empathetic. Each image gives us a ‘yes, me too’ feeling.



Jackie draws lots of incredibly cute motivational drawings with the aim of brightening people’s days. Her drawings are really kind and caring, and each time we see one it gives us a little burst of happy.


Depression Comix

Through depression comix, Clay graphically represents how depression feels from a personal perspective. He is very perceptive and puts into a comic things that are sometimes hard to notice, or to say out loud.



Blogger and Blurt supporter Paul has drawn a series of insightful doodles about living with anxiety and depression.  Paul also sells Dippydoodles cushions, mugs and tees to raise funds for Blurt.


Emily McDowell

Emily takes a no-frills look at life. We particularly like her empathy cards because they are gentle and understanding without trying to hide the fact that sometimes life can be a bit rubbish.


Gemma Correll

Gemma creates some wonderful illustrations, tapping into various aspects of life, which often provide a giggle. She has some particularly great illustrations around anxiety. She also has a whole series on #MentalIllnessFeelsLike.


Hyperbole and a Half

Allie’s  web comics  Adventures in Depression and Depression Part Two offer a powerful – and often amusing – insight into her experiences of depression and the beginnings of her recovery. Well worth a read.

Hyperbole_And_A_Half1 Hyperbole_And_A_Half2 Hyperbole_And_A_Half3


Davenport (known as Dave) draws various comics that illustrate how tricky it can be to live with mental illness. They help us see we’re not alone.



Depression: Artists Who Illustrate Exactly How We Feel

Katie Abey

Katie is a Derbyshire-based artist who creates colourful images. Some are motivational, some take an amusing or sarcastic look at life. All of her images are beautifully drawn.


May The Thoughts Be With You

Charlotte started drawing positive thoughts for the day when she developed depression in 2008. Her drawings provide a daily dose of positivity and new ways of looking at things.


Robot Hugs

Robot Hugs is a webcomic updated twice a week. They explore a variety of topics including mental illness. We particularly like their ‘nest’ comic.


Ruby etc.

Ruby is a London-based artist who draws brilliant observational cartoons. They include comics about living with mental illness and navigating the mental health system.


Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson has an ongoing webcomic. She draws some hilarious and relatable comics about anxiety, growing up and ‘adulting’.


Twisted Doodles

Twisted Doodles takes a humorous look at the world around us. They draw things that many of us experience but might not want to admit to – because we worry we’re the only one who feels that way.


Veronica Dearly

Veronica creates lots of cute and funny greeting cards and other gifts. She takes a refreshingly honest yet humorous look on life. We love her cards for anxiety and sadness.


Where’s My Bubble

Debbie shares her observations on life through graphic stories, sketches, and illustrations. Reading her comics can sometimes feel like she’s read our minds.


Over to you

There are so many wonderful artists out there depicting various aspects of mental illness – this list by no means covers them all. We’d love to hear your favourites, too.

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