Six Doodles That Show What You Don’t See About Depression

When we have depression, it’s like there’s a war raging in our brains, but because depression is a mental illness, it’s not always obvious that we’re struggling. These six doodles show some of the things we might be feeling.

1. Overwhelming thoughts and feelings

Sometimes we feel like our heads are going to explode. There’s such a lot of noise going on in there, we can’t bear it. Our thoughts and feelings overwhelm us.

So much going on in my brain. It feels like it might explode.

2. Menaced by anxiety

Depression, and its partner in crime, anxiety, don’t care where we are or what we’re doing. We can be somewhere familiar, doing something we would normally enjoy, yet still be menaced by them.

All around me is calm, yet I can feel anxiety chewing at my stomach.

3. Misleading smiles

We can still smile and laugh when we have depression. But you don’t see what goes on in our heads when we’re alone with our thoughts.

Always smiling, but actually I want the world to stop turning and let me get off.


4. Depression lies loudly

Depression finds words and phrases that hurt us, and beats us up with them, over and over again. We believe what it says.

BuddyBox Depression says you'll never be good enough. You hear its voice louder than your own.

5. Afraid of the future

Depression sucks the joy from us. We can’t find anything to look forward to – we’re too worried about everything.

I can't look forward to anything. The future is scary.

6. Confidence is at rock bottom

Our confidence and self-esteem take a battering from depression. Getting them back can feel impossible.

Depression can make your confidence hit rock bottom













These doodles show what you don’t see about depression. What we often can’t see ourselves is any hope that we will get better. But we can. Keep hoping. Have a bonus doodle from us…

You can do it

You're important.











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