A Letter to Those Expecting Exam Results

Dear Exam-Result-Expecter,

We know how difficult results day can be. We know how many sleepless nights it can cause. We want you to know that you are not alone in feeling this way – most people your age will be feeling similar things, and many of us who got our results a long time ago still feel anxious and get the occasional results day dream at this time of year!


You might have achieved the grades that you wanted – well done! You should be really, really proud of yourself. We know how hard you have worked for those grades and it’s fantastic that all of that hard work has paid off. We hope you’ve got some exciting things planned to celebrate!

Some of you might not have got the grades you wanted. You might still have done really, really well… just not as well as you’d hoped. You might have missed out on a place at your first choice of university or were just aiming for higher grades.

We want you to know that your grades do not define your worth. You are no more or less of a person having seen those letters on that piece of paper, than you were before you opened the envelope. You are not a grade producing factory. You are a person with hopes and dreams. You are a person who has skills and talents which can’t be measured by an exam. You are a person who is loved and who matters, whatever your exam results are.

Your results do not dictate your future. They might have an impact on your immediate future – they might affect what uni you go to or what course you get on to, but they don’t dictate your entire future. If these results have knocked your plans slightly, it doesn’t mean that you can never get onto the course you always wanted to do. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get the career you’ve been dreaming of. Not everybody goes straight from school into their dream course, and then got a job in their dream career (in fact very few people do!) and sometimes, the best things in life can come from an unexpected change in direction.

Exam results only measure one aspect of you. They measure how well you are at completing coursework and how good you are in exams. They don’t measure how kind you are, how well you look after your younger siblings, how often you’re there for your friends, what a great dancer you are and how you’re the life and soul of a party. They don’t measure how many books you’ve read, how amazing your latest craft project was or how much everyone loves your baking. They just measure how good you are at a handful of subjects, assessed by a narrow selection of assessment methods.

The other things exam results don’t show, is what you were coping with alongside your studies. Life just happens sometimes, and of course it’s going to affect your results! We know what it’s like to try and study while a depression cloud smothers your brain. We know how hard it can be to get into school when depression is determined to strap you to your bed. We know how difficult it can be to be trying to study alongside caring for an unwell family member – whether they be physically or mentally unwell. Life throws up all sorts of challenges for people, but your results don’t say ‘C with a side helping of depression’ or anything like that. Perhaps you would have done better had everything in life been 100% rosy, but so what?! Rubbish stuff has happened to you, and the fact that you’ve stuck with education and achieved anything it all is amazing and you should be super proud of yourself!


You are young and you have your whole life ahead of you. We know that it’s really annoying when people say that, because it doesn’t always feel that way… or sometimes thinking like that can be too overwhelming and we want to ignore it; but it’s true. You are young, and you have years ahead of you to achieve things, make mistakes, laugh, cry, and live. Loads of people who we see as really successful didn’t achieve their success until much later on in life.

We are proud of you. We know that you did your best, and we want you to know that your best is good enough, even if it doesn’t feel like it at times. Your best is good enough. It’s okay to be happy with your results, it’s okay to feel disappointed, but we want you to remember that whatever your results are, you are not your results and they do not define you.

Lots of love,
The Blurt Team.

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