Depression: 5 Illustrations Which Help Aid Understanding

Words can be tricky things – finding the right ones, taking them in and understanding the context of their meaning.

Describing the ever-changing landscape of depression is a challenge. No two people experience depression in the same way, just as the things which help people can differ.

Illustrations can help us to understand something in a snapshot. They’re often easier to digest too.

We thought we’d compile a list of our favourite illustrations/illustrators who continually draw on their own personal experiences and blow our socks off with images we love sharing across our social media platforms.

Please do share, the comments below, any illustrations which blow your socks off. We love discovering new people to follow and support.

  1. 1. Miriam’s Useless Guide to Depression

Two years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting with Miriam who gave us permission to share a guide she’d put together. We loved it, and still do.

miriams booklet wb-1

2. The Doodle Chronicles

AKA Molly, shares her experiences of mental health through a Facebook page and also through her doodles. We love them. And Molly – she’s an inspiration.


3. Emm Roy

*Neck-ache alert* When we scroll through Emm’s Facebook photos, we get neck-ache. The illustrations are spot-on and resonate with us ALWAYS. It’s that ‘knowing nod’ for us. On duvet days, when we’re in need of a little comfort, hope and positivity, this is the corner of the internet we turn to.

4. Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures in Depression

A blog post featuring illustrations which aid understanding, simply would not be complete without mentioning Hyperbole and a Half. If you’ve had depression, you’ll relate to this so very much. It offers a glimpse of the complexities of depression and illustrates the cruelness of our depressed minds. When we first read the Adventures in Depression, we’re not afraid to admit that we shed a tear, or two, or three.

Also, there’s a Part Two. Both are absolutely brilliant.

5. Robot Hugs

These simple comics speak so loudly to us. They’re genius. We’ve struggled to find just one to put in here and so we’ve cheated, we’ve chosen three. Enjoy!

We enjoy a Duvet/Blanket Fort, it’s a vital part of our self-care – the chance to retreat, rest and recoup. So much so, we’ve devoted an entire Pinterest board to ‘duvet fort making’.


What would happen if we treated physical illness, the way we do mental illness?


And this one which serves to remind us that the small victories, are in fact, the big ones when you have depression.


P.S. We’re squeezing in a cheeky sixth one. We realised that we simply couldn’t miss out our wise owl ‘Boggle‘!


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