Depression: What You Don’t See

There’s no doubt about it, depression is a debilitating illness. It can affect absolutely every aspect of your life. Yet, so much of the suffering is not seen.

Depression: What You Don't See.

To help increase awareness and understanding, we asked people to share their insights and experiences with us – we wanted to highlight the reality of depression, the bits you can’t always see.

This is what you had to say on Twitter.

We also asked the people in our community if they’d like to add anything:

Jennifer Murphy What you don’t see …. Behind my sunglasses my eyes are constantly crying and my smile is false .

Jonathan Paxton What you don’t see is the cogs in my head slowly turning as they try to calculate all the different thoughts bouncing around and not making any sense of them.

Emma Leivesley What you don’t see is that Every day is a battle that I have with myself. I have to constantly respond to negative thoughts about myself and try to be positive.

Stuart Middleton What you don’t see is the weight of expectation that I carry around trying to keep everyone happy.

Ree Saheid What you don’t see is the internal struggle just to carry out the simplest of tasks and the energy meter constantly running on empty…

Ellie Smith What you don’t see is that when you give me a compliment, I have a thousand tiny voices shouting you down.

Joan Jamieson What you don’t see is the struggle going on in my body to keep standing,smiling and listening while my head and body go through panic attack mode and wants to curl up on the floor.

Laura James What you don’t see… Is that after I smiled and laughed with you, I had to go home and have a nap because it drained me of what little energy I had.

Phil Swales What you don’t see is me at my worst, because those are the days I hide from the world.

Louisa Jones What you don’t see is how the world looks from inside my head. It’s like looking at a sepia tone photo when everyone else can see if in full technicolor x

Yvonne Weston What you don’t see is the truth, because we’re hiding it from the world. What you don’t see is an invisible, debilitating condition crushing our very self worth, picking apart our confidence, dashing our dreams and hopes, and making our day to day life a living hell that burns eternally with no end in sight. What you don’t see is the struggle, because it is not physical, but it might as well be, for it is worse than climbing a series of mountains. What you don’t see is how much one little word of encouragement, a smile, a touch, a hug, a kiss, brings so much joy and inspiration to us. What you don’t see is how the light in our dark world flickers so precariously and threatens it’s extinction. What you don’t see is how great a thought, an idea, a notion that you care about us means the world.

Steph Holder What you don’t see is that I cry inside,lonely in a crowd of people whose voices overwhelm me. You don’t see how much I need human contact, a hug, a touch.

Wendy Newsum What you don’t see is the fact that my body feels like lead.

Yvonne Weston What you don’t see is our emotions are like clothes in a tumble dryer on a rapid spin cycle. What you don’t see is our struggle to do the most basic of things, like getting out of bed. What you don’t see is how sometimes one day is too much to comprehend so we have to break it down into chunks in order to get through. What you don’t see is a negative look or response or even a wrong word we can take personally and it can ruin our whole day, or week. What you don’t see is the little things that you don’t worry about, we agonise over.

Zoe Smith What you don’t see is that I’m working so hard to forget everything, that I’m making myself even more ill – just so I look well.

Sherry Spillane Agree with all these things, and even on a good day, one little knock can set a whole lot of self doubt off, putting yourself down, apologising for even existing …

Krissi Asher What you don’t see is that every knock back means more fuel to the body of anxiety we constantly carry about with us. What you don’t see is that getting out of bed is an achievement most days. What you don’t see is the pain behind every misunderstanding against depression when voiced. What you don’t see behind every forced smile and I’m okay is the self-insulting and not wanting to burden anyone with the same problems that stop you from doing things. What you don’t see is the real difference that a hug can make, a cup of tea and a chat with a friend who really understands. What you don’t see, is that the stigma makes things nearly impossible for us some days.

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